Bergkomfort Wanderstiefel

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299,00 €

Lieferzeit: 2-5 Tage

Echtes Gipfelglück winkt mit diesen komfortablen Wanderstiefeln: Die Leicht-PU-Dämpfung mit Gelenkstütze bietet natürliche Trittsicherheit, das BÄRComfort Fußbett mit Textilbezug dämpft zusätzlich. Durch die angepasste Lasche bleiben Wasser, Sand und Steine draußen. Auf geht’s zu aussichtsreichen Perspektiven!

  • Tiefzughaken mit Stopp-Funktion für eine Schnürung, die hält
  • Neue BÄR-FIRMOFLEX®-Technologie im Vorfußbereich
  • Nachhaltiges, umweltbewusst produziertes terracare® Rindnubukleder
  • Memory Foam Polsterung
  • Speziell angeordnetes Profil für Grip bergauf und Halt bergab




Schwarz / Orange


Standard Passform




Kalbleder-Futter/ Ferse Textilfutter



Herausnehmbares Fußbett

Stützendes 6 mm BÄRComfort Fußbett mit Textilbezug






Rindnubukleder wasserabweisend

Gewicht ca. pro Schuh

575 gr

Schafthöhe ca

15 cm


Innovative Vibram®-Sohle HikeTec aus PU und TPU mit griffigem Outdoor-Profil

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4. Januar 2022 04:05

Fills a much-needed niche in the barefoot shoe world!

I purchased these for use in the winter in Montana, USA. I am often outdoors for long days in the winter in the snow and cold and my other barefoot hiking shoes just weren't holding up to those conditions. I am happy to say that these are perfect for my needs so far! After waterproofing the leather, I have used them in about a foot of snow, and in single-digit temperatures (Fahrenheit) for up to 5-6 hours and my feet stayed dry and warm. They are compatible with a waterproof gaiter. Their traction in the snow has been great, and they feel fantastic with microspikes and my Altai Hok skis as well. The fit is perfect and I found them to be immediately comfortable without a break-in period. I ordered my usual size in this shoe, and I am thrilled with the amount of toe space. The inner insole is about 4" wide. I did not like the sculpted insole from Baer but replaced it with a completely flat insole from Northsole, and that was a much nicer "barefoot" feel. The soles are not flexible due to the thickness of the sole, but the stack height is perfect for use in the snow and ice in winter. The only minor negative with the shoe I've found so far is that they've been feeling a little sweaty after several hours of hiking, but that's to be expected in a waterproof shoe. Better to be slightly damp and warm from a little sweat than soaked and cold from the outside snow. My customer service experience from Baer left something to be desired. it took me several days to even receive an order confirmation email, and I never was able to get an email response from a human. In the end, the shoes came surprisingly quickly so I can't complain too much. It took 9 business days to ship from Germany to Montana. Overall I am very happy with the boot, and they are exactly what I needed for winter recreation.